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Insulin Index of Foods: How to Use It?

The insulin index is an indicator that shows the concentration of insulin in the body. It is produced in response to the use of a food product.

How it works

Insulin takes part in metabolism and has a great impact on work all cells. In the fat cells contain triglycerides. Fatty acids are located around them. These substances enter the cell and flow out of it. This process lasts around the clock. As a result of this metabolism, insulin is generated. Differentiates insulin levels:

  • average;
  • high;
  • low.

If the concentration of insulin exceeds the maximum permissible norm, the body sounds the alarm, the «red signal» of danger lights up.


Eating bananas or apples, we provoke the appearance of insulin. One Apple can trigger the release of insulin within three hours. This means that in three hours you can do physical activities: do barbells, pump the press, jump on aerobics. T

Apples or bananas contain carbohydrates that produce insulin. 1 Apple you eat – and insulin is released within 3 hours. You can start working out in the gym in 3 hours, go to aerobics, jump rope, except for carbohydrates.

Glycemic index (GI)

All users who lead an active lifestyle should be aware of such phenomena, and also know: what is the glycemic index: this value shows blood sugar saturation. Therefore, each product has several similar indexes. Insulin index chart depend on several factors:

1. What products does the dish interact with.

2. How is the food prepared.

Fullness does not depend on what a person consumes, this is largely due to the level of insulin concentration in the body.

Example: Many people think that cottage cheese can increase the insulin index, but this is not always true. People often use vorog before going to bed, thinking that it contains calcium, which benefits the body. However, calcium from low-fat cottage cheese is not absorbed by the body, although manufacturers do not say this. Calcium can be digested only if the cottage cheese is natural, without additives or processed in production.

Adult somatotropic hormone controls fat utilization at night. In one hour, it is able to dispose of up to 150 grams of fat. However, if the body has an excess of insulin, then fat burning will be suspended or stopped altogether.

Insulin Index Chart

ProductGlycemic indexInsulin index
Grapeabove averageabove average
Potatoabove averageabove average
Bananasabove averageabove average
Legumesminorabove average
Whole grain breadmiddlemiddle
Meat productsmiddlemiddle
peaches, apricotsminorminor
various nutsminorminor

Hence the conclusion: the use of cottage cheese before going to bed does not bring benefits. Somatropic hormone slows down and fat is not utilized.


Foods with a low insulin index should be consumed regularly, especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. When gaining muscle mass and active training, you should carefully monitor this indicator. Insulin is necessary for normal metabolism, but its use should be dosed.

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