Health benefits of avocados for women or 4 causes to prefer this fruit

Avocado has become one of the world’s healthiest food. It’s a super easy way to add proteins and fiber in your organism and the best product in the world for women’s health. Consider the 4 huge avocado benefits that is available, inexpensive and extremely tasty.

Inreasing progesterone

avocado toastWe are all familiar with estrogens. These are hormones, which provide the proper development of female genital organs, plays a huge role in the health of the woman’s heart and circulatory system, affects the emotional state and even contributes to fat burning. In general, these are vital hormones, but an excess of them in the body can became a real cause of main cancer deceases. Progesterone is a type of estrogen that includes the functions of preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy. Progesterone keeps estrogens under control, which reduces the risk of cancer of uterine and milk glands. But there is a fruit that literally saves women’s health. It is avocado benefit that “spurs” the production of progesterone in a woman’s body.

Strong bones and joints

vitamin KSince childhood, we hear the phrase: “Drink, children, milk and you will be healthy!”, And drinking milk strengthens teeth and bones. But the benefits of milk are dubious. According to Harvard studies, the correlation between pasteurized milk and oncological diseases is possible, so this is not the best option for strengthening bones. Vitamin K is required for healthy bones and teeth. Avocado is an excellent and harmless source of vitamin K in nature! This is one of the nutritional values of avocados.

Lowering cholesterol

Vascular diseases is one of the main causes of death among women around the world. Its elevation can cause strokes and iniciate heart attacks. Cases of this disease are becoming common in developed countries. But it can be easily prevented. Eating ½ of avocado daily for 20 days will decrease cholesterol by 9-10%.

Weight loss

avocado for womanAvocados can solve two main problems of overweight women: insulin resistance and excess of estrogens. After all, it is these reasons that affect the accumulation of fat in the waist and hips. By removing excess estrogen you get a chance to lose weight. Proper nutrition with a predominance of protein foods increases insulin sensitivity. Therefore, calories are sent to the muscles, and not stored in fat. This makes the figure more slim and attractive. So you should learn the benefits of avocados in your diet.

For women, avocados play an important role in health. It is in our interests to educate ourselves so that we become better than we were yesterday.

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